Clay or Terra Cotta has always been part of mankinds history. First used for utensils and then for shelter, clay has always remained an integral part of mans every day life.

Maintaining that relationship KAP INDIA TILES strives to provide the world with a wide range of quality clay products ranging from pottery and roofing tiles to pre cast structural members.


Producing terracotta tiles of quality and usability, Kap India Tiles have been a changing voice in the age-old industry.


Advantage of using clay

ClayClay is a natural material degrading without harming mother nature, Versatility of clay enables to produce a wide range of products from Roof , Ceiling , Wall and Floor components utensils to fancy decorative products. This makes clay the favorite material for construction components.

The Hollow clay bricks work laid on top of concrete slabs works as a thermal insulator on concrete roof slabs. The roof slabs using Hollow roofing bricks ( both channels & Block and maruthi) reduces inside room temperature considerably. The walls made out of Hollow Wall bricks prevents heat penetration to rooms by heating up of walls .The terra cotta floor tiles are one which avoid extremities of climate.

Manufacturing Process

0017All products are made out of natural siliceous Clay - mainly by two methods – Wet clay process and powdered clay process

In wet process finely ground clay is moulded into shape by pressing / extrusion after deairing . Clay products for almost all applications are made by this process. In powder process powdered clay moisturised to suitable level is pressed into shapes. Roofing Tiles, Flooring Tiles, Wall cladding tiles etc are produced by this method .

Other methods like hand moulding ,slit casting etc are also followed for certain other products.